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Partner with Aaron Muse as he records his first professional album!

I am very excited to take the gifts that God has graced me with to the next level and share these songs with the world. This album is a culmination of the last 30 years of my life. And now you will get to share in that story through the songs that those years have produced through me as I have learned to walk with Jesus and trust God in all things!

I am blessed to be working with a very talented producer and I know that when this album is completed it will be a blessing to all who hear it.

Aaron's Biography

Aaron was raised with a simple knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ from an early age, and attended a small Christian Church from early childhood.

Aaron made his decision for Christ and was water baptized at the age of 13. One year later, at the age of 14, he tragically lost his mother to cancer.

At age 17, he moved to Texas to live with extended family. There, he met and became very close to a Christian couple who became his youth Pastors and mentors. It was this couple and church family, who encouraged Aaron to take his music seriously and use it for God’s glory.

At the age of 18, he wrote his first two Christian songs, which he performed for local churches along with many other specials that he wrote over the span of his early adult years.

Aaron was a typical red-blooded American youth, and struggled with the usual spiritual ups and downs of most young men while trying to find his place in life.

In recent years, Aaron has come to realize that the only things in life that matter or will last, are the things done for the glory of God. With this deep revelation, Aaron has determined in his heart that his purpose is to proclaim the Name and Gospel of Jesus Christ through the gifts that God has given him in the areas of writing, singing and sharing his personal testimony and ongoing Journey with Jesus!

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