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Dear Friends and Family,

As a professional singer & worship leader, I have a passion for intergenerational ministry and how sacred jazz can reach all ages for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Last spring, I offered benefit concerts to help youth groups in the Evangelical Covenant Church attend the Covenant High in Christ - “CHIC” - conference (click here for details).

Now I am called to cast the net wider to include more churches in fundraising efforts that could send youth groups on mission trips; support a local ministry; celebrate a church milestone; or help with a building project.

I am already scheduling concerts and hope to underwrite my travel expenses through the support of folks like you who wish to partner with me.

Would you prayerfully consider joining me as I serve the local church through music?

I am thankful for your continued love and encouragement. Your gift of any size is appreciated. Please take a minute and review my online Partner Brochure describing my ministry and goals. You can read about my music ministry and prayerfully consider partnering with me this new year.

A simple donation of any amount can be made here.

Thanks in advance for your prayerful support, as well as for your financial support.

Many blessings,

Please take a minute and view my online (Flash) brochure here.


Thanks for your interest in supporting Dawn Holt Lauber.

How is my donation processed?

All donations are securely processed through The Management Agency's PDP PayPal account. This is a separate, dedicated PayPal account different from TMA's operating PayPal account.

Are any fees assessed for my donation?

TMA does not assess any fees to collect donations on behalf of our clients. PayPal charges processing fees, which are deducted from the net amount the artist receives. That is the amount forwarded to the artist from TMA.

Can I make recurring or monthly payments?

TMA is in the process of establishing recurring or monthly payment processing with this program. TMA hopes to have that ability active in the next 30 days.

Are my donations tax deductible?

The Management Agency is not a 501c3 organization. Therefore, your donations are not tax deductible at this time. You may request a receipt from TMA for your donation. However, donations are not reported to the IRS.

How can I contact TMA?

Please contact TMA for any questions about PDP/Crowd-Funding here.

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